May 24, 2016

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Muso Jikiden Esihin Ryu Iaido Seminar July 21st - 24th in Berkeley

Translations of the early Martial Arts literature abound with descriptions of Samurai mastery from poetry to weaponry. The earliest of these disciplines is Traditional Sword training. The Art of the Sword continues to be practiced today around the world by individuals from every level of society.

One of the oldest True Traditional styles of Japanese Swordsmanship is the more than 450 years old Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. This July, a rare opportunity to study with two select, high-ranking Japanese Swordmasters visiting from Japan is being ofered. All who are interested in Traditional Japanese Sword train...

At the age of twelve, shortly after I had begun European fencing, I was introduced to Judo. Later, I studied Thai boxing and Linglom under S.Subastopong, and then Kendo, Karate and Aikido; the latter I studied throughout college under Sensei Asai from Düsseldorf. During this time I was also trained in stage combat and stage fencing at the Acting Academy in Bochum. In Berlin I studied classical Shaolin Kung Fu at the Kung Fu Academy. In Innsbruck and in Berkeley, I studied Wing Chung (Loin Ting style).

As a professional actor changing my residence every other year, I found it difficult to keep practicing most of the martial arts I had studied - styles were not necessarily offered in each city in which I lived. So, I started to l...

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