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Iaido Seminar 2016

Follow the "Seminar 2016" link at the top of this page to enroll.

Muso Jikiden Esihin Ryu Iaido Seminar July 21st - 24th in Berkeley

Translations of the early Martial Arts literature abound with descriptions of Samurai mastery from poetry to weaponry. The earliest of these disciplines is Traditional Sword training. The Art of the Sword continues to be practiced today around the world by individuals from every level of society.

One of the oldest True Traditional styles of Japanese Swordsmanship is the more than 450 years old Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. This July, a rare opportunity to study with two select, high-ranking Japanese Swordmasters visiting from Japan is being ofered. All who are interested in Traditional Japanese Sword training are welcome to come out and train with

NASHIMA Masao sensei, Hanshi 8th Dan and KANEDA Hisato sensei, Kyoshi 8th Dan

Open to all ages and genders, from beginner to advanced. Half- day sessions; pay for only those sessions you wish to attend.

Iaido training provides a unique inroad into the heart of Japa- nese culture. Accurately preserved for nearly ve centuries, Iaido o ers among other bene ts physical and spiritual development to all ages and genders. It is not without challenges but its rewards to mind and body in the presence of a knowledgeable and sup- portive teacher are manifold and provide bene ts well beyond the original scope of practice for those who persevere.

Follow the "Seminar 2016" link at the top of this page to enroll.

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