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Nishi Kaigan Iaido Dojo - 西海岸居合道道場

in the San Francisco Bay area

The Nishi Kaigan Iaido dojo had the privilege to host Hinago Sakai Sensei, who began his studies of Eishin-ryu Iaido under Kono Soke and Fukui Torao Soke as a child and then became a life long Student of Esaka Seigan Sensei. This extraordinary man has agreed to lead our practice into the future and return to teach a Seminar in 2025. 

Nishi Kaigan Iaido Dojo is a member of the Kokusai Iaido Hozen Kyokai International Iaido Preservation Society. We teach Muso Jikiden Esihin-ryu as transmitted to us from  Hiroshi Seigan Esaka Sensei. Iaido is the Japanese martial of drawing the katana as practiced by the samurai. Athough there are many schools of Iaido, Eishin-ryu is one of the oldest being approximately 450 years old.

When contacting the NKID, be sure to include your name and which days you will be attending.

2525 8th Street, Studio #12 • Berkeley CA 94710

(510) 666-6995  •

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